What are the best electronic cigarettes?

The best electronic cigarettes?

Rechargeable e-cigarettes
There’s a lot of competition in the rechargeable e-cigarette market. Among the most popular are Halo G6 and Apollo Standard Starter Kit. Halo G6’s benefits include its elegance and range of colours. Likewise, Apollo offers a good-looking set. However, Best4Ecigs offers high-quality products for substantially less money. Reviewers have particularly praised the flavour of Best4Ecigs’ own brand of cigarettes and their ability to take the place of tobacco altogether. Their cigarette-box appearance offers a classic look for those nostalgic about their tobacco days!  

Disposable e-cigarettes
Disposable cigarettes are often the first stepping stone between tobacco and electronic. Best4Ecigs are aware that this can be the make-or-break stage, determining whether first-time vapers will jump back to tobacco or not. Therefore we consider the choice of disposable e-cigarette to be very important. The deciding factor tends to be whether the disposable tastes like the real thing. Best4Ecigs’ disposables not only offer that authentic puff but they come in a range of different flavours – tobacco, menthol and even blueberry. On top of that, Best4Ecigs’ products are more affordable than most other alternatives on the market and they last the equivalent of fifty tobacco cigarettes.

Personal vaporizers
Personal vaporizers, or mods, come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. At Best4Ecigs our broad range offers something for everyone. The Kamry K1000 E-pipe is available in several different colours. Generally considered a home-based device, this personal vaporizer can be bought in whatever colour suits your style – from vibrant green, old-school wood grain to Barbie pink. It’s also very affordable compared to other brands. At the higher end of the price scale are the Innokin iTaste mods. Not only are these sleek and modern looking, their wattage is easily adjustable. A new traffic-light feature lets the vaper know if the battery is full, half-charged or low.

Electronic cigars
For the more distinguished vaper, or those who like a stronger hit with each puff, the electronic cigar might appeal. These have been praised for recreating the power of the cigar without the excessive smoke, smell and health risk. Those choosing electronic cigars will still want all the impact of their tobacco forebears; so Best4Ecigs offer cigar refill cartridges with an impressive 900 puffs each and a powerful 1200mAh. Each pack of two cartridges comes with an atomizer complete with inbuilt USB charger. At £7.90, these make an excellent bargain. Higher up the budget scale we offer a rechargeable e-cigar kit that has an even more authentic flavour and look.

Deluxe e-cigarette kits

Best4Ecigs also offer a variety of deluxe kits for vapers. The classic deluxe e-cigarette kit is affordable yet fully equipped. Their long-lasting batteries have made them a very popular choice. The Magnum 650 Deluxe E-Cigarette Kit costs more but offers a sleeker black appearance. Its magnetic feature makes it convenient to charge as you don’t have to take the device apart.

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